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March 11, 2018

Cardio & trail running days at the majestic Lofoten mountains.




Trail running can build strength and improve form.

As training miles accumulate it’s tempting to start logging miles off-road and there are many benefits to be gained simply from changing surfaces. Trail running will strengthen muscles in the foot, ankle and pelvis, otherwise not developed while running on urban terrain. This strengthening increases overall muscle recruitment, creating more power and resulting in higher running efficiency.







What to expect:

.    Personal Coaching   

.    Fundamental personal analyses

.    Customized schedule training plan



.    cardio based nourishment

.    Daily massage (by request and             availability)

.    Sauna & hot-tub





Duration:                                                       On request

Group size:                               from one max. eight participants



Price: Our staff will tailor made the program for the group or individual guest on request. Prices start at NOK 800,-/ hour for personal coaching               


For your comfort, HATTVIKA LODGE offers a 30 min free online consulting talk related to your booked activity!


Individual personal hours, classes or coaching with Roland is available on request.


Trail running link



Who should attend and the main topics we focus on are:


•    Hattvika trail running course for sports people who want to get to         know this sport in all its main aspects, like runners, triathletes,       sky mountaineers, mountain bikers, trekkers, etc..

•    Trail Running for Advanced Trailers

•    Nutrition and Supplements in Trail Running

•    How to choose, buy & use Trail Running gear and apparel



Experienced Athletes:

•    Improving running technique on trail         tracks


•    Development of power and strength

•    Increase of speed and endurance



Athletes without experience:

•    Adapting phase program with workouts         sessions for Trail Running

•    General physical reinforcement

•    Getting ready for first Trail Running (competitions)



1st phase

•    Analysis of the physiological condition and training level of the         athlete

•    Analysis of the athlete profile, previous experiences in trail             running and other sports

•    Diagnostic of the performances capabilities

•    Analysis of the lifestyle and daily diet

     goals definition

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